Ragpickers Education Development Scheme (REDS)- Ranchi

Our REDS-Ranchi (Ragpickers Education & Development Scheme) program works with tribal’s from surrounding areas of Ranchi.  Due to the increasing polarization between rich and poor, the villagers must struggle to make ends meet.  Facing social discrimination and displaced from their natural forest habitats, they have turned to ragpicking as a means of income.  Established in November 1997, REDS RANCHI not only works with street children and Rag picking children, but also has initiated a process of empowering the family with the vision of “making the home a secure and encouraging place for the holistic development of the child.”  Through formal and non-formal education, and vocational training, REDS Ranchi seeks to accomplish its goals, reaching out to over 1200 children.
A few Self Help groups, (Pahadi Tola, women’s group & men’s group and Mousibari women’s group) are ended with partition because of Supreme Court’s Bills ordered to remove the encroachment from the city.   Many of the tribal women REDS serves are illiterate or uneducated, unable to procure work other than domestic servitude or ragpicking.  The construction of a multipurpose building for older up girls has been completed.  This building will include rooms for tailoring, knitting, embroidery, and computer education.  Some of the REDS centers were coordinated and relocated due to the demolition by government.


Mr. Paulus Lakra (Program Director)
The Marianists, Gyan Deep,
P.B. 144, Purulia Road , Lowadih, P.O., Namkum,
Ranchi-834010, Jharkhand , India.
LandLine: +91 651-2261351
Mobile: +91 7654077768
E-Mail: redsranchi@yahoo.com