Ragpickers Education Development Scheme (REDS)- Bangalore

In its 32 years of existence, REDS – Bangalore (Ragpickers Education & Development Scheme) has been through different phases of development streamlining.  The initial welfare method, over the years, gave way to a developmental approach which eventually led to the empowerment of those we work with.  Our understanding of the conditions in which the children live and the circumstances that lead to the choices they make has caused us to expand our boundaries both geographically and socially so as to extend our support to children other than those involved in waste recycling.
REDS has created play schools, day care centers, and study and tuition centers, to reach out to more children in need.  We have also created tailoring centers, and solid waste management units.  The play school children had their final exams with a high percentage of good scores.  They had their graduation day with distribution of progress cards for enrollment in the nursery.  Two Hundred and Eighty Eight Students are admitted to formal school.  We have inaugurated a computer center at L.R. Nagar on 9th July 2011 blessed by Fr. Pragasam.  On 15th February, the Play School at L. R. Nagar was inaugurated by Fr. Jack Mc Grath and Fr. Kip Stander.  Today REDS has been successful in rebuilding the lives of the 85 students who are training at the unit.

Mr. Showraiah Ravulapalli (Program Director)
Infant Nilaya
16/2, S.R Garden,
Austin Town, Viveknagar P.O,  Bangalore-560047.
Mobile: +91 80-25553447
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