Mr. Augustus Surin

(Program Director)


Chaminade Rural Development Project has been established to promote community building and development.  This implies helping people in each locality to live and work together in harmony for the betterment of their area.  CRDP has been based in Jharkhand state, which contains a high percentage of tribal people. Since many tribal people inhabit the areas where CRDP works hence it has introduce Herbal medicine for treatment, Women and men Self Help groups, Non-formal education, English language and matric coaching center & tailoring center.  Herbal medicinal plants have been cultivated and used for great number of people suffering from various sicknesses and disease such as open wounds, paralyzed limbs etc.,

CRDP has started one center at Hatnada village sixteen kilometers from Binda for non-formal education for the age groups between 4-8 years. Recently, CRDP has inaugurated a designing unit for the girls at Binda.  In self help groups’ both women and men take full responsibility for their own economic development by forming a homogeneous group.  They start by coming together and sharing their social, economic, political and cultural situations.  CRDP has started a computer center for the tribal children.  A computer unit was inaugurated by Bro. Augustus Surin.  Driving training for the rural boys has been started.   They have completed two batches of students for the driving classes.  There is a proposal for starting up a carpentry unit.  CRDP has started one center at Bongaburu village.


Asha Deep,
P.O., Binda, Khunti District-835216,
Jharkhand, India.

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