What We Do


Access to education

Marianists Trust expands access to education for the most marginalized children,  displaced people, across all places.


Inclusive education

We supports places to build equitable and inclusive education systems where all children can learn in a safe and healthy environment free of discrimination.


Education in crisis

We help places strengthen and rebuild their education systems during and after a crisis so that children don’t lose out on their education.


Quality teaching

Teachers form the backbone of education systems. We help to improve the quality of education by empowering teachers, and ensuring they are qualified, motivated and well supported.


Education planning

We provide technical assistance and funding to lower-income places to help them develop and implement good quality education plans, which are fundamental to building stronger and equitable education systems.


Early education

We supports lower-income places to improve equitable access, quality, and learning outcomes in the early years by providing technical and financial support

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children
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Children's Rise to Greatness in global world
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Finding a New Life in a New Land
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Bringing Dreams within Reach