Chaminade Rural Development Project (CRDP)- Budakata

This program is started to promote community development and their project is to
work with the backward people in Bringatoli Panchayet by introducing a program
called CRDP- Budakata. The CRDP was inaugurated on 15 th April, 2013 by Bro. Augustus Surin,
S.M in Budakata Village at Orissa. The Coaching Center is located in 15
the west side of the state. Our location is 40 km far from Sundargarh towards going
to Rourkela. It is on the right side of the N.H.-10 when one travels from Sundargarh to Rourkela.
This place is surrounded by iron, cement and rubber factories. Due to these factories
the weather stays warm here. CRDP Budakata provides full time spoken English
classes, computer and tailoring skill training to the youth and personality